BHB's New Single, 'Wings of Forgiveness', Available Now!

Access 'Wings of Forgiveness' Here:

The Brooks Hubbard Band Released Their Debut EP in Physical Format on October 18th!

The EP is available in physical-format only so get yours at an upcoming show!

Over the past year and a half, the Brooks Hubbard Band has been touring across the entire United States, battling van breakdowns and inclement weather to share their music with countless new faces - who make every mile they travel worth it. In between their busy touring schedules, they’ve been finding time to get into the recording studio, spending late nights and early mornings working on their very first EP together. Now, the wait is over, as BHB’s debut EP is officially for sale in physical format, available at any show they will be playing from now until the New Year.

The EP comes packed with 4 heartfelt songs, against the backdrop of a powerful rhythm section and thoughtful arrangements, with each song crafting their own unique story that any listener can relate to, regardless of where they’ve come from. The latest single on the EP, ‘Wings of Forgiveness’, is a song about seeking redemption for the mistakes you made growing up, while knowing that the feeling of guilt for those mistakes will never truly disappear, even if forgiveness is granted. The narrator of the story is fantasizing about going back to his hometown and confronting his past. He envisions everything to be in the same place as he left it, and that hurts, considering the mistakes that he made probably altered the lives of those around him.

We hope you enjoy the music as much as we’ve enjoyed being able to play them for you live over the past two-years. While you cannot purchase the EP digitally yet, our goal of selling the EP in physical-only formats is to generate funds to support the launch of a longer, digital EP sometime in 2020. With that being said, this EP would not be possible without the help of countless individuals, including Mike Ryan (Mixing/Engineering), Phillip Smith (Engineering), Val McCallum (Lead Guitar), Dylan Jones (Keys), Alex Blomarz (Saxophone), Hadley Kennary and Bre Kennedy (Vocals), Ken Norcross (Mandolin), and other friends.

Be sure to head to our Tour Information page, to find out when BHB will be at a venue near you, so you can get your copy of the debut EP!

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 Photography by Lyndsie Lord & Brett Berwager