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“Brooks has a great voice and a number of musical talents…I love that his eyes shine with life. He’s an open person. From what I can tell, he’s growing all the time.”

-Stephen Kellogg, Valley News 2015

Our Approach

Born in Enfield, New Hampshire, and raised on Jackson Browne and Bruce Springsteen, Brooks Hubbard has always been proud of where he comes from. Rural New England provided him with the space he needed to be creative and grow. He started his live music career early, playing drums at his third grade ice cream social with his dad’s band. Picking up guitar at age 12, and writing songs at 15, Brooks was performing regularly right out of high school. He opened for blues legend, Robert Cray, and pop artist, KT Tunstall, while attending Keene State College and graduated in 2014, achieving a bachelor’s degree in Political Science; simultaneously releasing his first cd, “Press Play EP” produced by friend guitarist/engineer, Mike Ryan.

Hubbard had his sights on Los Angeles when he decided to take his career a step further and move to a more happening scene. Stopping in Nashville to see his friend bassist/engineer, Justin Kimball, Brooks ultimately decided, Tennessee was a good home-base to grow as a singer/songwriter. He never continued further west until his friend and mentor, singer/songwriter, Stephen Kellogg, took him on the “South, East, North, West” US tour in 2015-2016. Kellogg taught Hubbard about the hardships of a touring life; about the long drives and nearly sleepless nights, turning days into weeks, and weeks into months. But above all, that the true spirit and magic of music, was worth every mile.

Magic was soon to find Brooks once again, while back home for a summer in New England. Through a mutual friend, Hubbard met Los Angeles session guitarist and Jackson Browne band member, Val McCallum, in Vermont. The two paired up for an album release show of Brooks’ second album, “Start of Me” (produced by Mike Ryan) without ever playing a note together. They quickly gained a liking to each other’s company, performing several concerts that led to recording Hubbard’s newest record, “American Story” which McCallum produced and funded, hiring his friends, Los Angeles session greats, Bob Glaub, Pete Thomas, Greg Leisz, and Jeff Babko, to play on it.

“American Story” was independently released in late 2017, along with the emergence of a full fledged effort to pursue a serious role as leader of the newly formed, Brooks Hubbard Band. Members, Justin Kimball (bass/engineer) and Nate Mould (drums), were part of former Nashville instrumental rock band, the Bedrock, backing Hubbard for a string of local shows before separating from guitarist, Drew Smithers, in the spring of 2017. By luck again, Hubbard found himself in a position to join forces with his best friends and form BHB.

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Justin Kimball


Our Approach

Massachusetts born and raised, Justin has always surrounded himself with music of all genres, moving between trumpet, euphonium, guitar, and finally landing on bass. With the support of a very small town (and little else to do), he graduated with a degree in Music and Sound Recording Technology from University of Massachusetts Lowell. Justin continued to place himself in as many musical situations as possible, playing around New England, while studying music production techniques in school. Upon graduating, the move to Nashville was the logical next step to dive into studio work and further himself as a musician.

Interning and assisting at Blackbird Studios in Nashville for renowned producer / engineer David Hall, and various others, provided the entry point for Justin to meet a wide range of musicians and studio folk in the growing city. Sessions led to jams, and eventually to the formation of an original instrumental group called The Bedrock with good friends. Brooks Hubbard and Justin had connected early in college, and recorded / played together for several years prior to both moving away. Brooks visiting Nashville on the way to L.A. resulted in Justin (rather selfishly) suggesting he moved to the Music City instead, considering the room for growth and organic nature of the area. Brooks and The Bedrock melding together happened synergistically through in-town shows, and one of the members being pulled away by other work resulted in the tight-knit formation of the Brooks Hubbard Band as it exists and tours today.

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Nate Mould


Our Approach

Nate’s interest in music began at the ripe old age of 3 when he played a drum set for the first time at a small music shop in Cleveland Heights while on the daily walk with his mom from the bus stop to her work.  Shortly after, his parents bought him a drum and a purple pair of sticks to get him started.  Multiple cities and 6 years later his parents got him his first full drum set.  From there, he trained himself to play by ear to whatever tune caught his ear.  It wasn’t until after he graduated college that he decided to pursue a career in music, playing the drums.  Having played trombone throughout middle and high school in wind ensemble, marching band, all-district, and all-state competitions he already developed the discipline and ear needed to grow his abilities on the drum set.  As he began to explore his options for places to set up shop he remembered Nashville being a great city, having played there once with one of the bands he had previously been a part of.  So, in July of 2014 he made the move and started the next chapter of his life.

Upon arriving in Nashville Nate hit the ground running looking for things to get involved in.  After playing gigs with a few artists, he stumbled into an opportunity to form a band after meeting a couple guys at a random jam night with future BHB member Justin Kimball. The formed band, The Bedrock, would be the catalyst to his future.  The band blended funk, rock, blues, and soul sounds to write tunes that rocked and made you want to move.  In addition to playing their own material, they played with different artists as their backing band.  It was from doing this that they met Brooks Hubbard.  Brooks was visiting Justin on his way to moving to LA when he and The Bedrock jammed for the first time.  From this jam session, Brooks’ decided that Nashville was better suited for him and never left.

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